Our Alumni

Juleen Elizee

Juleen Elizee has an MPH in nutrition from the NYU College of Global Public Health. She holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology from NYU. Previously she was a clinical research assistant at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Her research interests included investigating the use of professional athlete endorsements in food advertisements and examining how food labeling and food policies impact nutrition-related illnesses.

Caitlin Crowley

Caitlin Crowley has a MPH in Nutrition from the NYU College of Global Public Health, and she holds a BA in Psychology from The George Washington University. She has worked for New York Cares developing and assessing community-based nutrition education curriculum. In the past, she conducted policy research during her internship with the National Association of Community Health Centers in Washington, DC. Caitlin was interested in food labeling and food policy issues, with a specific interest in sugar-sweetened beverage taxation. Caitlin was also an Associate Director of Research with the SEED Program and supervised more junior interns on various research projects.

Tamara Hardoby

Tamara Hardoby has a MPH from the NYU College of Global Public Health, and she holds a BA in Communication and French from Wheaton College in Illinois. She worked five years at a Chicago-based sports agency working with NFL clientele on relationship management, training, and diet. Her experience, combined with volunteer work on food systems in Kenya and with refugee families and inner-city youth in Chicago, led to her research interest in public health, with a focus on food access and food marketing in urban settings. Tamara was also an Associate Director of Research with the SEED Program and supervised more junior interns on various research projects.

Elizabeth Stephens

Elizabeth Stephens has a MPH from the NYU College of Global Public Health focusing on Nutrition, and she holds a BS in Media, Culture, and Communication from NYU. Most recently, she interned at the technology startup FoodCare, working on communications strategy and marketing for a community nutrition app. Her previous research experience includes work with Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab and City Harvest. She was interested in obesity, nutrition, and food labeling policy, and how food marketing efforts target minority populations. Elizabeth was also an Associate Director of Research with the SEED Program and supervised more junior interns on various research projects.

Richard Hsu

Richard Hsu was a senior pursuing Public Health at NYU during his time at SeedProgram. Richard has served as President of Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA), Senior Class President of Steinhardt Undergraduate Student Government, and Research Assistant in NYU’s Applied Psychology Department. Richard was awarded the President’s Service Award and named one of NYU’s Most Influential Students. Richard also worked in Bellevue Hospital’s Emergency Department, conducting electrocardiogram screenings and engaging in patient care.

Joshua Choe

Joshua Choe holds a MPA from the NYU Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service specializing in Health Services Management, and he holds a BA in International Development from the University of California in Los Angeles. Most recently, he served as an clinical study operations and management intern at Hoffmann-La Roche Pharmaceutical Research and Development. His research interests included examining professional athlete and sports sponsorships in food marketing within multinational corporations. Joshua also assisted with the SEED Program’s data management and data analysis.

Shatabdi Dighe

Shatabdi Dighe holds an MSC in Life Sciences from Mumbai University and a MPH from Georgia State University. Previously, she worked as an intern in one of India’s premier research institutes, studying gene cloning in tuberculosis antigens. She has also interned at the state of Georgia’s Division of Aging Services and Department of Human Resources. She was interested in researching the impact of targeted marketing on the health of different racial/ethnic groups and disparities in healthy food access among various socio-economic groups. Shatabdi led Qualtrics survey development with the SEED Program.

Rachel Kuo

Rachel Kuo holds a MA from the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development’s Media, Culture, and Communications program, and she holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Missouri. Previously, she has worked in communications and marketing at the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Oscar Mayer, and NBC Universal. She also served as a social justice educator at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is interested in ways different institutions affect health disparities in communities of color and in different racial/ethnic groups. Rachel was also the Lab Coordinator for the SEED Program and oversaw analyses for the SEED Program’s media databases and assisted with grant writing.

Angela Amico

Angela Amico was an MPH Nutrition student during her time with the SeedProgram, and graduated in May 2015, and she holds a BS in nutrition from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. Previously, Angela managed the nutrition programs for an interdisciplinary research center and supported a Ghanaian non-government organization through fundraising and grant writing. Angela recently completed an internship at the World Health Organization in the Nutrition Policy and Scientific Advice Unit. She is interested in food policy research, particularly with regard to food assistance programs, marketing, and labeling.

Monica Turley

Monica Turley was a third-year student at NYU pursuing a pre-medical track and majoring in Nutrition during her time at SeedProgram. She was passionate about food and wished to help make advancements for public health. She has interned for the R∓D department of Kahala Corporation, a large food franchising company, and worked to market and develop food products. Monica has also interned with HealthyOut, a food delivery service centered around a goal to make healthy food convenient and accessible. She was a research intern in SEED Program focusing on Food Marketing.

Katy Delaney

Katy Delaney holds a BA from NYU in Spanish and Speech-Language Pathology. She loves working with children and served as an AmeriCorps member, providing one-on-one tutoring to prepare at-risk preschoolers for future educational success. Most recently, Katy worked as an Outreach Intern at the New York City Coalition Against Hunger by helping to make information about programs and resources more available to the NYC community. She has also done volunteer work at the St. Francix Xavier Soup Kitchen as well as the New York Common Pantry. Her research interests included child health disparities and food policy.

Sydney Pereira

Sydney Pereira was a third-year student pursuing a degree in global public health and journalism during her time at SeedProgram. She had worked as an intern at M80 Marketing, writing for online magazines, and a social media intern at the Educational Video Center, a non-profit which teaches high-school students documentary skills. She is a member of the NYU varsity swim team and Two Birds One Stone, a club at NYU which donates leftover dining hall food to local food pantries. She is passionate about writing, but even more passionate about social justice and human rights.

Lindsey Gibson

Lindsey Gibson holds a MPH from the NYU College of Global Public Health, specializing in Community and International Health. Previously, she attended the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology, as well as an associates degree in Biomedical Photography. Over the past 5 years, she has assisted on several research projects, including a counseling program for female victims of domestic violence and an after school program for inner city, at-risk youth. Working with marginalized populations sparked her career in public health. Her research interests included influencing factors in the recent rise in obesity, particularly examining corporate behaviors and policies.

Daniel O’Halloran

Daniel O’Halloran received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation. Upon graduation, he worked for an environmental consulting company which specialized in freshwater mussel conservation. He spent three years traveling around New England, exploring different types of freshwater bodies, and assessing their freshwater mussel populations. Daniel is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition through the College of Global Public Health at New York University. In addition to his graduate studies, he also worked part-time as a study interviewer at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in the Bureau of Environmental Surveillance and Policy, where he was working on an asthma-pest control study. Daniel intended to pursue research related to childhood obesity, food policy, and health disparities.

Arisa Chan

Arisa Chan was a first-year student at NYU pursuing a pre-medical track during her time at SeedProgram. As a high school swim team captain, she worked with her coach and teammates to encourage a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise. Her interest in health grew after taking a medical diagnosis course, and she continued to explore areas of health as a volunteer at her local hospital where she assisted nurses and doctors with patients and their needs. She is currently working as a physical therapy aide at the NYU Student Health Center.

Angela Gasbarre, RD

Angela Gasbarre, RD, earned a BS in Nutritional Sciences at Penn State University. She completed her Dietetic Internship in Maryland. During the internship, she assisted in a Community Transformation Grant that implemented family wellness night. The purpose was to engage families and community members in health and wellness in an interactive way. Angela works as a clinical dietitian at a ventilator rehab facility in Queens. She was an MPH Nutrition student at the College of Global Public Health at NYU, with an interest in nutrition education for low-income families and food policy.

Christina Marini

Christina Marini pursued a degree in public health and theology. She worked as an intern in the Department of Pathology at NYU Langone Medical Center. She has volunteered at the St. John’s Soup Kitchen in Newark and founded several charities to help St. John’s mission of providing nourishment for the poor. Lastly, she is interested in understanding how spirituality affects a person's health.

Daniela Godoy

Daniela Godoy was a MPH Global Health Leadership student at the NYU College of Global Public Health, and graduated with her masters in the Spring of 2016. She holds a JD from the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Diego Portales in Chile, and a MPP from the Faculty of Economics and Business of the Universidad de Chile. As well, she holds a Diploma in Public Policy from Chicago University-Universidad de Chile and a Diploma in Health Management and Economics from Universidad de Chile. Daniela has experience on passing bills through the Chilean Congress, designing public policies and working at the public administration. She is interested in food policy, health promotion policy and human rights-based approach to health in developing countries. She is also an associated researcher for the SeedProgram.

Erin Rhodes

Erin Rhodes was a second year MPH student at the NYU College of Global Public Health with a concentration in Community and International Health, and graduated from her program in the Spring of 2016. She has a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Pre Clinical from the University of Central Florida. She discovered her interest and passion for research as an undergraduate while working as a research fellow with the Men’s Health Initiative (MHI), which works to promote healthy behaviors among men and boys through research and community outreach. Erin was interested in attending a Physician Assistant program after she receives her MPH, to use both her knowledge as a public health practitioner and clinician to better her community. Her research interests included disaster relief, health disparities, and food policy.

Colleen Tenan

Colleen Tenan was a fourth year medical student at the NYU School of Medicine, and graduated in the Spring of 2016. She received her undergraduate degree at Yale University, and prior to entering medical school, she completed two years of research with the UCLA Lung Cancer Research Program. Colleen was applying for a residency in internal medicine, and had a strong interest in preventive medicine and population health. She enjoyed working with the SeedProgram while she completed her fourth year research concentration.

Eleni Christine Papaiacovou-Lane

Eleni Christine Papaiacovou-Lane was a second year student at NYU Steinhardt, studying Global Public Health, Media, Culture and Communications, and Nutrition, with plans to graduate in Spring 2018. Originally from Oakland, California, she spent two years studying abroad in Cyprus. She recently interned at the Cyprus Family Planning Association and currently works as a classroom assistant at the Lower Manhattan Community Middle School. She believes it is essential to study food marketing in order to understand the public’s views and misconceptions about food and nutrition. Her interests include promoting a whole-foods plant-based diet and a holistic approach to combating chronic diseases and hormone-related cancers.

Carola Zurob

Carola Zurob was a second-year MPA student at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service during her time at SeedProgram, and graduated in the Spring of 2016. She holds a BA in Design from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Carola has worked in the field of Information Design and qualitative research for design projects related to how people understand and use information. Her professional experience is focused in design for public services in Chile. Carola is interested in research on how people inform their dietary decisions and what can be done at the policy level to make healthy eating the easier choice.

Udit Modi

Udit Modi pursued a degree in global public health & chemistry and computer science while on the pre-health track during his time at SeedProgram. Udit served as Vice President for NYU CGPH’s Public Health Leadership Organization and was an active member of the Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity. Udit was especially interested in integrating technological innovations with public health efforts. His research interests included investigating the role of food advertising in minority populations and the relationship between the food and beverage industry and the political process. Udit was a member of the Corporate Behavior team.

Samina Lutfeali

Samina Lutfeali was a student at Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health where she pursued an MPH in Epidemiology with a concentration in Social Determinants of Health, and planned to graduate in Spring of 2017. She recieved her BA from the University of Chicago where she majored in Biology and Economics and contributed to research on stress response in C. Elegans. After graduating she worked for a healthcare software company. Her primary research interests were in health behaviors and disparities.

Susan Stork

Susan Stork was a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Biology, pursuing the pre-health track. She planed on attending a Physician Assistant program upon completion of her Bachelor's degree. She volunteered at Mt. Sinai's Ruttenberg Treatment Center, where she was a supportive volunteer, as well as patient liaison, working with cancer patients. Susan was passionate about improving the access and education of healthy food options in low-income neighborhoods. Her research interests included health disparities in minority populations, food policy and marketing, and obesity prevention.

Tiffany Cheng

Tiffany Cheng was a third year student at NYU studying Global Public Health and Chemistry while pursuing the pre-health track. Tiffany also volunteered at New York Methodist Hospital in Park Slope as an interpreter for Asian patients. She interned for both the SeedProgram and for the Program for Medical Education Innovations and Research (PrMEIR) at Bellevue Hospital. Tiffany was interested in researching health disparities specifically in underprivileged communities.

Greg Vann

Greg was pursuing an MPH degree, with a concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences at NYU’s College of Global Public Health with plans to graduate in the Spring of 2017. He received his BA in Psychology from Quinnipiac University. During his time as an undergraduate he worked as a research assistant on a number of studies centered in the Quinnipiac Behavioral Neuroscience Department. Research was focused on chronic unpredictable stress and its relation to depression, as well as investigating a specific drug and its relation to Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (multiple sclerosis) on rodents. Greg’s interests included tracking and analyzing negative health trends in the American society and he was particularly concerned with the prevalence of obesity, autism, and alcoholism across the United States. After obtaining his MPH he hoped to be able to investigate these health issues in an effort to create improved and efficient treatment options that can be accessed by the general public.

Maimuna Marenah

Maimuna Marenah graduated from NYU in the Spring of 2016, where she earned a BS in Global Public Health and Pre-Health Sciences. In the past, she had worked in low-income communities around the United States as tutor, healthy practices instructor, and urban gardener. Maimuna was interested in the global side of health disparities research and food policy, and hoped to bring her translational research experience abroad in the future. She enjoyed language learning and travel.

Alexia Akbay

Alexia Akbay was a junior at NYU focusing both in Chemistry and Global Public Health. She had interned at HealthMJ, a startup which focuses on making an educational platform for cancer patients interested in using natural medicines, mainly medical cannabis, to improve their condition or lifestyle. Alexia spent summers living and studying in Istanbul, Turkey - the refugee situation in the area triggered her interest in public health. She was interested in health disparities as a result of the intersection between minority discrimination, climate change and violence otherwise known as “The Tropic of Chaos.”

Natasha Pandit

Natasha Pandit was pursuing the pre-health track while majoring in Psychology during her time at SeedProgram. She had interned and volunteered at the Gurwin Jewish Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Commack, NY and volunteered at the Syosset Hospital of the North Shore-LIJ Health System. She had presented her research twice at the Long Island Science Congress. Recently, she had served as a Reviewer for the Medical Dialogue Review, a student publication at NYU. Natasha aimed to pursue research in food marketing and health disparities.

Ann Palladino

Ann Palladino was in her senior year at NYU and majored in Global Public Health/Biology while interning at SeedProgram. She held a leadership position as an intern at Health Leads, a non-profit organizationdedicated to helping families obtain the resources they need to lead a healthy life. Additionally, she conducted reserach at the University of Zurich looking at the genetic profiles of melanoma in different patients. Ann intended to go to medical school after she graduated and continue doing research in the public health sector.

Alicia Korda

Alicia Korda holds a MPH focusing on Nutrition from the NYU College of Global Public Health. She holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Michigan. Most recently, she worked as an intern for the non-profit Wellness in the Schools, closely collaborating on the development of the Green for Kids Program that aims to provide edible gardening and environmental education in the classroom setting. As an undergraduate, she also worked for the Seeds of Change Garden Project, conducting research for the Stanford Teacher Education Program that aims to prepare future teachers to effectively incorporate nutrition and sustainability curriculum into their classrooms through the use of outdoor gardening exercises. She was interested in nutrition education and obesity prevention, particularly the impact such programs have on the health and well-being of younger generations.

Brian Couch

Brian Couch was a third-year undergraduate student double majoring in Global Public Health and Media, Culture, and Communications with plans for graudating in Spring of 2018. He participated in numerous extracurricular activities, including an NYU Alternative Breaks trip centered on wildlife preservation to the Wind Wolves Preserve in California and Pathways: Internationally Known, which was a first-year commuter program focusing on cultural diversity through cuisine. With this being his first public health internship, Brian hoped to learn more about the link between health disparities and the media, along with how media was most efficiently utilized in the public health field to put out positive health information.

Casandra Kennedy

Casandra Kennedy was a recent graduate of The Pennsylvania State University, with a BS in Biobehavioral Health. At Penn State, she was heavily involved in the research and organization of Penn State’s Harmony and Health Lab which assessed the effects of Yoga on obese and overweight African Americans within the community. Along with her research experience, she collaborated with Penn State’s Health and Wellness center as project evaluator to the "My Plate” Health promotion, an intervention which implemented the USDA MyPlate guidelines in Penn State dining halls. Casandra’s planed on getting her MPH in Epidemiology and her research interests included health disparities, racial representation on obesity, and obesity's link to cancer.

Alexandra Harvey

Alexandra Harvey was a second-year MPH student at NYU, concentrating in public health nutrition during her time at SeedProgram, and graduated from the program in the Fall of 2016. Alex was also completing the Didactic Program in Dietetics while at NYU, with the intention of becoming a registered dietitian after graduation. Alex’s experience working in the foster care system and on an American Indian reservation sparked her interest in health disparities, food insecurity, and public health nutrition. She earned a BA in political science from Duke University and an MSW with a concentration in social policy from Columbia University.

Anna Davis

Anna Davies was a third-year student at NYU's College of Arts and Science pursuing an Environmental Studies Degree with a Public Health minor. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she was interested in social justice, and, more specifically, in how the industrialized food system and marketing strategies influence lower-income populations. She previously interned at the nutrition department at Action Against Hunger, a non-profit that focused on combating public health issues in underdeveloped countries.

Anne Dumadag

Anne Dumadag was a first year MPH student, with a concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences, at NYU’s College of Global Public Health. She holds a BS in Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise and a BS in Psychology from Virginia Tech. Most recently, Anne worked with the Virginia Beach Department of Public Health as a Nutritionist Associate for the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program. As an undergraduate student, she worked on a project assessing the availability and variety of healthy food options and physical activity outlets in a low-income region of Virginia. Anne’s research interests involved evaluating health outcomes as a function of social determinants and the intersection of psychology and health behavior. She contributed to several projects within the Food Marketing team.

Margaret Eby

Margaret Eby was a program coordinator for the SeedProgram. She earned her BA in Global Public Health and Sociology from NYU and joined the SeedProgram full time after a year as an Associate Research Director. Her research interests include corporate social responsibility, medical history and ethics, and reproductive control. She has presented research at Johns Hopkins University, the American Sociological Association, NYU Medical School, and the NYU Leadership Summit in Abu Dhabi.

Carolyn Fan

Carolyn Fan recently graduated from NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Global Public Health and Sociology with a minor in History. In the past, she has interned at the Chicago Fire Department and Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. She was particularly passionate about community service and social justice, working with organizations such as Project Outreach, A/P/A BRIDGE, and Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association. She worked as an Associate Director of Research at the NYU Tobacco Research Lab. Her primary research interest is in health disparities.

Ryan Hand

Ryan was in her final year working towards her MS at Teachers College Columbia University studying Nutrition and Public Health. She holds a B.S. in Biology and Society from Cornell University. She has worked in various research and job settings. Most recently working at an agricultural startup, Aero Farms, working on nutrition research and food analysis. Ryan has experience working in research labs at Mailman, Teachers College, and Cornell University. She is particularly interested in nutrition, agriculture, dietary choices and the effects they have on the population as a whole.

Jemar Bather

Jemar Bather received his BS in Statistics with a concentration in Biostatistics at The Pennsylvania State University. During his time at the Seed Program, he was a master’s student in Applied Statistics at NYU. Additionally, he is a Data Analyst at Excellence Community Schools where he analyzes student data to make recommendations on how to improve classroom instruction. Most recently, he was on the planning committee for StatFest. StatFest is a one day conference aimed at encouraging undergraduate students from historically underrepresented groups to consider careers and graduate studies in the statistical sciences. Jemar’s current research interests include food marketing and health disparities. He planed to pursue a PhD in Biostatistics.

DiAnna Brice

DiAnna Brice graduated from NYU studying Global Public Health and Sociology. Most recently she interned with NARAL Pro-Choice/National Institute of Reproductive Health, specifically with the youth program entitled TORCH. TORCH is a program in which teens peer teach to educate others on sexual and reproductive health. She spent a semester abroad in Sydney, Australia studying global public health topics. While in Sydney she volunteered at an after-school program in an Aboriginal community. At this center she set up a few mini-workshops in which she taught the students simple skills such as proper hand washing, ways to deal with stress and staying hydrated. DiAnna was interested in health disparities and health policy.

Stefanie Bendik

Stefanie Bendik was a MPH Candidate in Community and International Health at NYU. She received her BA from The New School's Eugene Lang College in cultural studies and media, with a focus in gender and sexuality. She had experience as a STEM journals publisher and freelance editor, and was passionate about addressing the social determinants of health, particularly as they related to obesity

Zad Chow

Zad was a senior on the premed track at Hunter College majoring in Biology with a concentration in Neurobiology. He previously worked as a research assistant at the MOTIVATE Lab at NYU Langone, where he helped run a cluter randomized controlled trial, testing an intervention designed to help obese veterans lose weight. He was also a research assistant at the Mason Lab at Weill Cornell Medicine, where he helped map the microorganisms in the subways and helped create a comprehensive database of microbes. He was also a writer for Examine.com, an online database of studies on nutrition, where he systematically collected and analyzed papers focused on supplements, nutrition, and health. He hoped to conduct research in the future in order to help improve the interventions employed by clinicians.

Murray Joiner

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Jessica Klein

Jessica Klein graduated from the University of Michigan in the Spring of 2017 with a BS in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. As a life-long athlete and strong supporter of health and wellness practices, Jessica understood the need to educate society on important topics such as diet and exercise. Jessica was enthusiastic to begin her post-college career researching with NYU SeedProgram.

Andrea Rodriguez Barrio

Andrea Rodriguez Barrio was a visiting student from Monterrey, Mexico, studying Nutrition and Wellness at Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. Andrea had been passionate about nutrition since she was young, and found the most interesting aspect of nutrition today was the theme of obesity. She completed a three month internship at NYU SeedProgram in the Summer and Fall of 2017 before returning home to complete her studies in Nutrition and Wellness.

Evi Alexopoulos

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Angela Gasbarre

Angela Gasbarre, RD CDN, earned a BS in Nutritional Sciences at Penn State University. She completed her Dietetic Internship in Maryland. During the internship, she assisted in a Community Transformation Grant that implemented family wellness night. She was an MPH Nutrition student at the College of Global Public Health at NYU, with an interest in community wellness, from an individual, institutional, and environmental standpoint. After working as a clinical dietitian for two years at a ventilator rehab facility in Queens, she now works as a corporate wellness dietitian for Con Edison in NYC. As a corporate wellness dietitian, Angela counsels employees on individualized diets; develops corporate wide wellness challenges; works with vendors to improve the vending machines programs at various locations; and assists with other wellness initiatives, including the flu vaccination program and OSHA mandated medical surveillance exams.

Ana Camargo

Ana Camargo was a second year MPH Nutrition student at New York University's College of Global Public Health during her time at SEED. She received her B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics and B.A. in International Affairs from Florida State University. Post graduation Ana was employed by the USDA's Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP). Working in community nutrition where the impacts of social determinants are exemplified daily through health disparities motivated Ana to pursue a career in Public Health Nutrition. She was specifically interested in how food environment shapes food culture and prevalence of chronic diseases.

Ingrid Wells

Ingrid Wells was a second year candidate of MPH and Nutrition at NYU’s College of Global Public Health. She received her B.A. from Georgetown University in Anthropology and Environmental Studies. After college, Ingrid played soccer professionally for four years in the U.S., Sweden and Germany. She has experience working with the non-profit organization the Institute of Responsible Nutrition and Premier Nutrition, the sports nutrition company. Ingrid was passionate about sustainable food, nutrition and wellness and hoped to pursue a career in which these interests overlap.

Ruchi Desai

Ruchi Desai was a senior at New York University pursuing a degree in Global Public Health with a concentration in Chemistry on the Pre-Health track. In addition to hospital volunteering and doctor-shadowing, she served as a Peer Health Exchange volunteer wherein she taught high school freshmen vital health information in schools across New York. Through this program, she became very interested in examining the disparities in the accessibility to health information in different neighborhoods. As a sophomore, she served as a Research Assistant for the NYU Sociology Department's NYC High School Admissions Study, which led her to delve into exploring socioeconomic disparities in education. Examining why such socioeconomic disparities exist and how corporate behavior tends to allow such disparities to exist, especially in terms of health, is her key area of interest. Ruchi will attend medical school beginning July 2018 at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at Rutgers and hopes to continue public health related research as a doctor.

Andrea Sharkey

Andrea Sharkey was a second year MPH student at NYU’s College of Global Public Health in the Nutrition Track. She received her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania in Health and Societies with a concentration in Finance and Health Care Markets. After college, Andrea worked as a consultant for the pharmaceutical industry, performing secondary market research using patient and physician level data. Andrea decided to leave consulting and pursue an MPH to study her growing interest in public health nutrition. She was particularly interested in the role of food policy as a means to prevent diet related chronic diseases in urban settings.

Dana McIntyre

Dana McIntyre attended Hunter College and planned to graduate in the Fall of 2017 with my Bachelors in English Linguistics and Sociology. She originally was a Pre-Med student but her career goals changed after a Mission Trip to Haiti to administer Healthcare services and information. From that trip, she knew she wanted to become part of the solution in breaking down the barriers and health policies that prevent disadvantage communities nationally and internationally from receiving the appropriate services they need to live healthy lives. She started to see that it is easy to slip into an unhealthy lifestyle when you don’t have the means or resources of preventing your situation. She will pursue her MPH in Health Policy and Public Health at NYU in the Fall of 2018 so that she can be an integral part of changing the accessibility of the healthcare industry. Ultimately, she hoped to become a professor, teaching on how to make healthcare accessible to all and showing why being healthy is not an option for some people.

Robert Suss

Robert Suss received a BS in Psychology with a Biology minor from Stony Brook University. He became interested in public health as an undergraduate while taking courses in statistics and social/health psychology. He worked as a Consultant for a small company specializing in health information technology and education. He had additional non-profit experience in research, and as a teaching mentor for high school students. Robert was interested in pursuing a research career leveraging health data to better understand behavioral public health issues, including diet, lifestyle, and mental health. He was enrolled as an Advanced Certificate student at the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy, and will to continue his studies at an MPH program in Applied Biostatistics in Colorado.

Sana Husain

Sana Husain was a senior undergraduate student at New York University on the Pre-Health track pursuing a degree in Global Public Health with a concentration in Biology as well as a Spanish minor. Her passion for public health stems from her campus involvement with organizations such as NYU Global Brigades and Health Leads. Through these experiences she saw a snapshot of the health inequity and marginalization of impoverished communities, whether that be in a third world country or Brooklyn, NY. She was especially interested in nutrition and obesity and how local programs and research findings may be applied globally to alleviate health disparities. Looking forward, Sana hoped to spend some time working in the non-profit sector before applying to medical school where she intends to continuously integrate greater awareness of public health issues into everyday medical practice.

Rachael Biscocho

Rachael Biscocho was a second year MPH student at NYU’s College of Global Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology. She received her B.A. from the University of Notre Dame in Sociology with a minor in Chinese. For her undergraduate senior thesis, she analyzed food security and the presence of food deserts in New York City using Geographic Information Systems. Originally from New York City, Rachael had experience working with different organizations within the five boroughs that are working to combat hunger in the city. She was particularly interested in understanding community determinants of health outcomes and using new technologies in analyzing health disparities related to food security.

Shirley Valerio

Shirley Valerio received her BA in Psychology from the City College of New York. In college, she worked as a Kids Sports Program Coordinator at a fitness center where she engaged children in physical activity through sports and aquatics. Since graduating, she has served as AmeriCorps member at NYC Parks: Shape Up NYC. After obtaining her MPH concentrating in Nutrition from NYU's College of Global Public Health, she hoped to work on reducing health disparities and maximizing health equity in urban areas through the promotion of physical activity and nutrition.

Yrvane Pageot

Yrvane Pageot completed her degree in Psychology at NYU and was pursuing the pre-medical track. She served as the Program Coordiator for the SeedProgram after graduating, and previously served as a research assistant at the NYU Stern Center for Behavioral Research. Yrvane enjoyed working with kids and volunteered at the GO Project helping children with math and literacy. Her research interests included child health disparities and food marketing. She will begin her PhD Program at UCLA in Health Psychology in the Fall of 2018.

Alysa Miller

Alysa Miller, MPH, was the Research Coordinator of the SeedProgram. Prior to her holding the Research Coordinator position, she was the Lab Coordinator and Associate Director of Research for the Food Policy team while earning her MPH at the NYU College of Global Public Health. She additionally holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Michigan. During her undergraduate career, she spent a semester abroad in the Dominican Republic studying health, nutrition, and the environment, and she also served as a research assistant in two psychology labs. Alysa also spent time working at the NYU Student Health Center in the Health Promotion Office putting together nutritional information for students, as well as working as a Corps Member in a low-income preschool based in Manhattan for AmeriCorps. Alysa’s research interests included determining the effects of food marketing on minority youth and finding ways to improve nutritional food access and availability particularly in minority and underserved communities. Alysa will begin a PhD program at the University of Illinois Chicago in the Fall of 2018.

Jessica Osterman

Jessica Osterman graduated from New York University with a dual degree in Global Public Health and Chemistry and a minor in Computer Science and Math. She became interested in the public health field after studying abroad in England and taking courses on public health during her time there. She was especially interested in food and agriculture policy and how they affect the health of vulnerable populations. Jessica was also interested in how technology impacts populations through social media marketing and promotion. She studied these effects at Seed and hoped to pursue them in the future.