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Why it’s a bad idea to take food advice from Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake or Snoop Dogg

Washington Post

Musicians Popular with Teens Endorse Mostly Junk Food, Study Finds


Teen Idols Often Endorse Unhealthy Foods and Drinks


This is How Much Celebrities Get Paid To Endorse Soda and Unhealthy Food


Famous Singers Make Your Kids Fat

American Council on Science and Health

Celebrities Endorse Food And Beverages That Are Making Teens Obese

All that is Interesting

Teens and Parents Urged to Challenge Celebrities Shilling for Unhealthy Products


Linking pop acts' junk food ads to fat kids like comparing apple to iPhone

Chicago Tribune

Musicians popular with teens endorse mostly junk food, study finds


Celebrity food and drink endorsements a bad influence, study finds

Consumer Affairs

How Beyoncé is making kids fat: Celebrity food and drink endorsements are fuelling childhood obesity, doctors warn

Daily Mail

Endorsing Junk Food, Pop Stars Add To Teen Obesity

The Fern

Pop stars entice teens with junk food ads


Here are all the celebrities hawking fast food and soda, according to a new study

Global News (Canada)

Pop Stars Often Hawk Unhealthy Foods to Kids: Study


Foods, Drinks Endorsed by Celebrities Aren’t Healthy for Kids


"Sterren prijzen te vaak ongezond voedsel aan"

Author: Het Nieuwsblad

Teen Obesity Caused by Celebrity Endorsements for Unhealthy Food and Drinks


Pop star smiles make kids eat sugar, new study shows

Irish Times

Advertisement: on TV, junk food enriches favorite stars teens

Le Figaro (French)

Famous Singers Almost Always Endorse Unhealthy Food And Beverage Products; How It Affects Youth

Medical Daily

Almost all food and beverage products marketed by music stars are unhealthy

Medical XPress

The pop star? make you fat

Panorama (Italy)

Teen idols often endorse unhealthy foods and drinks


Food And Beverage Products Marketed By Musicians Are Unhealthy

Science 2.0

Music Stars Entice Teens With Unhealthy Junk Food And Beverages: Study

Tech Times

Celebrities 'mainly plug nutrient-poor, high-sugar products'

The Guardian

Most food products marketed by celebs are unhealthy'

The Statesman

Foods Endorsed By Celebrities Are Almost All Terrible for You


Music stars endorse mostly unhealthy food and drinks


Most food products marketed by celebrities in US unhealthy

Tribune India

Pop Stars Are Marketing Unhealthy Food and Drink – and That's a Problem

US News (BU, Nutrition & You)

The Thin, Beautiful People Who Are Paid To Make Us Unhealthy


Why it’s a bad idea to take food advice from Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake or Snoop Dogg

Washington Post

WOSU's All Sides with Ann Fisher


Star athletes like LeBron, Serena cash in on junk food endorsements

LA Times

Baby Carrots: A Lesson from Tobacco

Chicago Tribune

Sports superstars endorse sugary, fatty foods

Chicago Tribune

Pro athletes' ads favor less healthful food, drinks

USA Today

Unhealthy food marketed to youth through athlete endorsements

Yale News

If star athletes sell junk food — is your kid more likely to eat it?

Today Health

Does A Vitaminwater A Day Keep The Doctor Away?


Sports superstars endorse sugary, fatty foods


From LeBron James to Serena Williams, study slams athletes promoting junk food

Globe and Mail

Do Star Athletes Eat the Junk They Endorse?

Huffington Post

Star Athletes Often Endorse Junk Food, Study Says


Testimony at Sugary Beverage Warning Label Hearingr

New York State Assembly

Are Pro Athletes Marketing Junk Food To Kids?

HuffPost Live

The Psychology Behind Branding and the Changing Soda Industry


Athletes Promoting Obesity

The Public Health Minute

Kids may be highly influenced by athletes’ endorsement of unhealthy foods

CBS News